Three Main Uses of a Cargo Van

The 3 Main Types of Cargo Van Shipments

The 3 Main Types of Cargo Van Shipments

The cargo van shipping industry is an expansive network that spans nearly globally. It is constantly growing and evolves as the businesses surrounding it evolve but one thing seems to stay constant. This constant is the three main types of shipments that are done in a cargo van. 

Skidded Freight

The first category of shipments found on a cargo van is skids. The number of skids that can be accomodated depends on the size of the van. Cargo vans range in sizes. Manufactures created different vans targeted at somehwat distinct markets. You will likely be able to fit at least 2 regular-sized skids in any cargo van. That being said, many vans will have the space for 3 standard-sized skids. Tall skids can become an issue when they move past the 6ft level. Overall, moving skids on a cargo van is much easier than it is sometimes made out to be and they should be considered for any low-skid count delivery where there is access to a forklift or skids can be broken down. 

Loose Freight or Goods

Loose freight is the next important piece of cargo that may be found in the back of a cargo van. This type of freight has a very broad definition. It can be thought of as anything larger than those items that you would ship with a company like FedEx or UPS. When we say loose freight, we mean more along the lines of furniture or boxes of inventory for a retail store. Loose freight can be anything that a carrier feels comfortable transporting and that can be strapped down or secured effectively. Loose freight sometimes comes with some extra steps in the loading and unloading process but is an important aspect of the cargo van segment of the transportation industry. 

Courier Services

Courier service is likely the most apparent connection when you think of a cargo van. The classic delivery vans that populate both rural and urban environments today. This has seen a definite boom as of late. The first component of this boom is Amazon, who currently outsource most of their delivery needs. This had led to extensive growth of the rental van market. Couple this with the reduced vehicle production due to shortage of chips and you have a supply shortage for both rental companies and dealers. 

Amazon has started a trend across the retail industry. Other businesses of all sizes do not want to be left behind. They see Amazon succeeding with a pure e-commerce platform. A big part of Amazon’s ability to succeed this way is through their deliveries. They get the product to your door incredibly  fast. Companies are desperate to catch up and this has led to continuous growth in demand for cargo vans. In conclusion, cargo vans are heavily used in the retail industry and this is the third main component of their usage. 


Cargo vans continue to prove that they are an excellent option for moving freight. Their broad spread of uses gives various segments of the shipping industry a proven option to efficiently operate. The technology around them will continue to grow and they will continue to be a great option for the long term. 

We thank you for your time. At ShipOntario, we target two of the broad categories mentioned above, Skids and loose freight. Learn more about our vans by checkout out our instagram or through our website. Reach out Reach out to us today at [email protected] or give us a call at 519-213-1000.

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Three Main Uses of a Cargo Van
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