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Our team has utilized our years of experience and vast connections within the industry to develop a list of valuable and trustworthy carriers to help with shipping needs throughout Ontario. We can find a carrier that can help with any business need today!

the ShipOntario Carrier Process

We have and always will be committed to providing our customers with carriers that we feel exemplify the highest standards. This is very important to us and is what we have built our business at Wood-Hall Logistics around. Finding the right carrier for the job allows our customers to have peace of mind when moving freight. 

ShipOntario’s group of carriers within Ontario consists of ones that you can trust. We understand that shipping items of any value can come with a degree of stress but our process works to alleviate this and create confidence. We strive to work with you and find the best way to move freight for your business.

When moving freight, it is key that goods arrive safely and on time. ShipOntario’s vetted process makes sure that goods are handled efficiently and with care. We make sure to use the highest quality carriers within the industry.


Logistics is our speciality! At ShipOntario, we take pride in our understanding of the logistics marketplace and the current trends that surround it. We are committed to helping your business find competitive rates from carriers that provide excellent shipping services. 

On-Time Freight

We are committed to ensuring that timelines are met and freight is moved efficiently. Let our pool of vetted carriers along with the Wood-Hall fleet provide a solution for your requirements. We are not restricted to set laneways, ShipOntario works to match your freight requirements to efficient laneways and schedules.

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