Specialized Deliveries
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Specialized Deliveries with ShipOntario


At ShipOntario, we have the ability to find a solution for all of your deliveries. Not all shipments are a simple dock to dock, many require additional services to get the job done. This can range from a simple power tailgate service to inside delivery with specific parameters. It is important to know all the information on your shipment in order to get the most accurate quote and have the most efficient shipping process. Check out our blog below to learn more!

Driver Assist

Driver assist occurs when the driver is required to assist in the delivery or loading process. The baseline expectation for shipping/receiving is that trucks arrive, are directed to a dock and are unloaded without any assistance needed from the driver. That being said, with local drivers there is some degree of assist that most are willing to offer when loading or unloading freight.       

An example of driver assist would be if a driver is delivering to a location that does not have a dock, and is required to move the skids to the back of the trailer where they can be unloaded via forklift. Another example would include if a driver arrives at a location and is required to load the skids via dock directly from the warehouse without any assistance from staff.

Power Tailgate

Power tailgates are required when a shipper or receiver does not have a dock, or a forklift to load from ground level. In today’s shipping landscape, tailgates can be a very common requirement. Many businesses do not have have a dock, and require straight trucks to load for accessibility reasons, a perfect combo for a tailgate service. Most tailgates have a max capacity between 1500lbs and 2500lbs, with some specialized options available for heavier skids. Tailgates are a vital part of the transportation industry and give a much greater percentage of businesses the chance to ship with ease. 

Inside Delivery

When booking an inside delivery service, it is important to know all the information surrounding your delivery. Every delivery is unique and the more guidance that can be provided, the more accurate the service can before. 

  • Does it require delivery to a certain room/floor?
  • Will multiple people be required to make the delivery?
  • Are there are any on-site directions or contacts that can ensure a smooth delivery?
  • Are there any special procedures or equipment needed to make the delivery?
At ShipOntario, we are experienced in and offer inside delivery services. We can work with you to determine all parameters of your shipment to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery process. 
Additional Services to Consider

Removal of on-site pieces: When providing inside delivery services, locations may have space constraints or other issues that require on-site pieces to be removed from site and returned to the shipper.

Dunnage/Disposal: When delivering freight, there is sometimes dunnage or other garbage that needs to be removed from the site and disposed of. This is an additional service that can be offered to help ensure a smooth transition to the new freight arriving to your site.

White Glove Service: White glove delivery service is for freight that has precise handling instructions and needs extreme attention to detail when delivering. If your freight is high value or tricky to handle, white glove service may be a solution for you. Special crating/packaging can also be used to increase degree of protection.


At ShipOntario, our network of carriers and in-house fleet allows us to tackle all of your specialized service requirements. Whether that be an inside delivery, or just a tailgate service, we have you covered. Reach out to us at [email protected] or give us a call at 519-213-1000 to learn more about our services. We are happy to find a solution that fits all your shipping needs. 

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Specialized Shipping with ShipOntario
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